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THE HIT LIST: January 15, 2018

It's been something of an eventful weekend; things happened and by Saturday evening I was ready to hibernate away from social media through Sunday no matter what... Then I got a surge of energy and figured I'd put it to use and besides, there's still a plethora of content to share including in this week's Hit List that I've been collecting and I intend to introduce them now that I'm awake.
Besides, these stunt reels were pretty stimulating and very much kickass with Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe highlighting his work load going into 2018. He kicks off this segment followed by reels courtesy of Jessie Simpson, Benjamin Alexander, Mélodie Veillard, Eliver Ling, Ivy Haralson, Geoffrey Boggs, Thekla Hutyrova, Kawui Joa, Ikeda Ai, Arman Ansari, Katelyn Brooke, Jon Orozco, Li Jing, Gui DaSilva, Caitlin Hutson with a Batgirl-inspired stunt promo of her own and Thom Williams with a spectacular stunt coordinator reel to top it all off.

Actor, martial artist and filmmaker got i…

Jason Statham Readies Action Thriller In China With STX And Tencent

Jon Turtletaub's shark thriller, The Meg, is currently poised for an August 10 release. This leaves off any number of projects that lie in wait for action star Jason Statham whose latest comes across as one of the actor's several career maneuvers toward the Chinese market.
Such is also what appears to be according to Tuesday's exclusive over at The Hollywood Reporter citing a new deal between Statham, STX Entertainment and Tencent Pictures. Statham, who currently reigns in box office success next to his fellow headliners in Universal Pictures's Fast saga, will reportedly star and produce the project which will be a Chinese co-production.
Further details about the movie itself remain unknown as we await further news on a director and other cast. This comes after a year since it was confirmed that the star's recent pairing between Statham and partner Steven Chasman for Hong Kong action thriller, Straw, for which news also remains stagnant.

DC Adaptation, FLASHPOINT, Circles 'Vacation' And 'Game Night' Directors

Variety's exclusive on Tuesday revealed that Spider-Man: Homecoming scribes John Francis-Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are in talks to finally crew-up the directors' chair Warner Bros.'s long-gestating Flash movie. The film, Flashpoint, will be their third pairing as directors after Vacation and upcoming action comedy, Game Night, hailing the latest development in a stained period of preproduction for the film after Ezra Miller became attached to the role in 2014.
Brief delays ensued in the last few years as the revolving door of known directors in talks swung with "creative differences" becoming central to the respective departures of Rick Famuyiwa (Dope), and thereafter with Seth-Grahame Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), and even DCEU staple Ben Affleck who currently lays claim to the role of Batman in the franchise. Further production details remain pending for the film which takes from the 2011 DC publication by Geoff Johns in which our hero awakens to…

Boxer Florian Munteanu To Star As Ivan Drago's Son In CREED 2

Bringing rumors at long last full circle ahead of production start in March, leave it to Sylvester Stallone to update fans via Instagram with word of German-Romanian boxer Florian Munteanu for a starring feature debut in Creed 2. Munteanu will take the reigns as the son of long-defeated Ivan Drago as seen in the events of the 1985 film, Rocky IV, made at the height of the Cold War starring Dolph Lundgren as Drago opposite Stallone who starred and directed.

Congratulations to Florian “ Big Nasty” Munteanu for getting the part as IVAN DRAGOS son! 27 years old , 6 feet four, 245 pounds of talent.#mgm #creed #creed2 A post shared by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on Jan 15, 2018 at 5:59pm PST

Stephen Caple Jr. is taking the reigns following Ryan Coogler's 2015 hit film starring Michael B. Jordan in the title role spinning off the classic boxing saga and now reprising accordingly next to Stallone as his mentor. A November 21 release from Warner Bros. and MGM is in tow for the fil…

GOALKEEPER OF THE GALAXY Teaser Takes You Out Of This World

Crossfire and Furious helmer Dzhanik Fayziev is taking audiences to the far reaches our stratosphere next year. With production ongoing for sci-fi sports thriller, Goalkeeper Of The Galaxy, we now witness a teaser that brims with slick, visual spectacle and character design.
This sets the tone for a post-apocalyptic tale in which a nearly-toppled Earth, in the aftermath of a deadly crossfire between warring interplanetary factions, now leaves mankind hinging its fate on the victor of a high-octane soccer tournament. We don't get to see that action just yet but the teaser itself lends plenty to go on for fans to wonder just what they'll get in 2019.
Take a look!

CINEMATIC ACTION DIPLOMAT: A Conversation With Alexander Nevsky

In a perfect world, a man like Alexander Nevsky would need no introduction. Often referred to as the “Russian Schwarzenegger”, the 6' 6” bodybuilder and fitness author has been a cinematic force to be reckoned with since writing, producing and starring in the 2004 actioner Moscow Heat. Since then, he's grown exponentially as a filmmaker and cinematic diplomat with a series of action extravaganzas; all possessing strong themes of international cooperation and understanding (along with a healthy dose of action and explosions). Coming off of his directorial debut in the 2014 thriller Black Rose, he's back as the producer and star of Showdown in Manila; a throwback action film from first-time director Mark Dacascos.

Film Combat Syndicate:  Hello Alexander!  It's good to finally talk to you! Alexander Nevsky: Hello James. Let me tell you something... Film Combat Syndicate was supporting me and my films long before I started to publicize them here. Big thanks to your read…

GINTAMA: Catch The Official U.S. Trailer For Fukuda Yuichi's Live-Action Manga Adaptation

Azoland Pictures is bringing Fukuda Yuichi's live-action manga adaptation, Gintama, to the big screen in the U.S. and Canada beginning this Friday. It's a film that I've especially waited for and have cheered on if only for the fact that the animated series, currently on its final arc from TV Tokyo, is my most favorite of all the shows I myself have seen, even as some who've seen cuts of the film since its rollout starting last summer in Japan have fallen short of some expectations despite becoming a regional box office hit.

Oguri Shun, best known for roles in other adaptations like Miike Takashi's first and second Crows Zero films leads the narrative based on Sorachi Hideaki's long running gag manga set in an alternative universe where aliens have conquered Japan. The story, previously summed up in an animated feature edit in 2010, takes its cues from the Benizakura Arc in which a missing biomechanical sword puts our heroes face to face with a mysterious kill…

Crowdfunding For THE MARTIAL ARTS KID 2: PAYBACK Launches At Indiegogo

Crowdfunding officially kicked off on Monday with a new Indiegogo campaign for The Martial Arts Kid 2: Payback. Action stars Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock are back and co-producing, as well as rejoining a cast of returning and new faces led by title star, actor Jansen Panettiere, and once more with writer/director Michael Baumgarten who helmed the first film as well as last year's Paying Mr. McGetty.
Plot details are unknown for the sequel following the first installment centered on an embattled teenager struggling to face the odds in a new neighborhood with help of his martial arts expert sibs, Uncle Glen and Auntie Cindy. Returning are Brandon Tyler Russell, Matthew Ziff and martial artist TJ Storm to reprise their roles with Chuck Zito emerging for the sequel next to actor Sasha Mitchell and with award-winning stunt coordinator James Lew back to direct the action.
Florida's Cocoa Beach will again serve as the backdrop from a script by Baumgarten with …

TRAFFIK Signals With Harrowing Suspense In The Official Trailer

Writer and director Deon Taylor (Supremacy) is currently making headway readying his next narrative film project, .38, a police drama which tackles the interwoven tales of cops, civilians and criminals in a single night on the dangerous streets of St. Louis, Missouri. That news comes in the wake of the recent campaign for the April rollout of his next completed thriller, Traffik, which now has a trailer circulating and looks to stir some rightful hype as an exciting thriller with Omar Epps, Paula Patton and Luke Goss starring. In the action packed thriller, Patton and Epps play a couple who are off for a romantic weekend in the mountains, isolated at a remote estate. The couple are surprised by the arrival of two friends, Sanchez and Alonso when the weekend takes a dark turn. The foursome are forced to fight for their lives in this action packed thriller and will stop at nothing to protect their secrets. The rather timely release of news over .38 was a pretty smart move as it gets pe…

John Wick Spin-Off Series, THE CONTINENTAL, Lands At Starz; Keanu Reeves To Executive Produce

We've long known since last summer that a television spin-off series set in the John Wick universe was in the making. Pan over now to this week's events over at the Television Critics Association where news is just making headway for the series, The Continental, with word that the show has landed at Starz with actor Keanu Reeves attached.
Serving as showrunner will be Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy, The Wire, Man in the High Castle) who will also pen the script outlining the show's forte exploring the auspices of the titular assassins' luxury hotel chain as seen in 2014's John Wick and last year's John Wick: Chapter Two. Thunder Road's Basil Iwaynk is executive producing along with franchise scribe Derek Kolstad, who has been building up his workload ever since then in addition to his latest start on STXfilms's Nobody with 87Eleven.
Chad Stahelski and David Leitch who helmed the 2014 film and shared seperate duties on its sequel will also executive produc…