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THE HIT LIST: June 26, 2017

Well guys, my hiatus was a brief but fair one. It was a necessary breather to help recoup from the workload and best part about all this is that people are still creating!

So yeah, that's a nice thing to come back to. That's what The Hit List is for and I've found (and have also been sent) some GREAT stuff to share this week. It's also a lot to unpack so without further ado, the stunt reels are up first as always and we begin with Amy Sturdivant's most recent Vimeo upload. I meant to share hers before going on break but YouTube parameters were a factor and Vimeo was the only option left. So, better late than never, and with a demo reel as substantive as this being all the more reason worth sharing.
Following that is a playlist ripe with awesome stunt and action demos by Francis Limoges, Drew Reade, Gaby Rodriguez, Jennifer Badger, Gene Freeman, David Van Tassell, Domenica Rossi, Brytni Lavender, and stunt/fight coordinator reels by Roberto Lopez and Airon Armstrong!


THE ACCOUNTANT Calculates Sequel Prospects At Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is reportedly advancing director Gavin O'Connor's latest action drama, The Accountant, with a sequel. O'Connor along with screenwriter Bill Dubuque and starring actor Ben Affleck are at the table in talks as well as producers Lynette Howell Taylor and Mark Williams for a continuation of the intial film that could see the return of actor Jon Bernthal.
The first film saw Affleck in title character, Christian, an autistic from childhood who is subsequently acclimated to his father's miltary and psychological training and grows up as a mathematical prodigy. Operating nimbly under the watchful eye of the governement as a forensic accountant for criminals, his latest assignment at a Robotics firm leads to a series of deadly twists that eventually put him face to face in a violent reunion with his long lost brother, Braxton, played by Bernthal.
The Accountant grossed just over $155 million dollars for its release last Fall. Affleck's next stint for Warner Bro…

Tom Paton's BLACK SITE Casts Its Heroine And Supervillain

Production is already underway for Pandorica helmer Tom Paton's third feature film, Black Site. For this, news of actor Mike Beckingham's casting now precedes this week's breaking news of its official casting of actress Samantha Schnitzler (TV series 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover!, upcoming feature film Darkness Wakes)

Black Site hails from AirPick Pictures and Tom Paton Film and is described as a mix of elements from The Raid and the vision of H.P. Lovecraft. Schnitzler, who shares stunt credits on Scott Derrickson's Marvel adaptation, Doctor Strange, will play the film's central protaginist, Ren Reid, a member of an organization known as Artemis which detains and deports rogue members of a species known as Elder Gods.
The film sets itself twenty years after the murder of Reid's parents, wherein Artemis finally captures Erebus, the Elder God responsible only to face a new threat when its worshippers attempt to free their deity from captivity. With the facility o…

Marvel's THE INHUMANS Presents A New IMAX Poster, Affirms TV Premiere Date

September will be one of at least two Fall bookmarks for moviegoers and TV viewers keeping up with all things Marvel. For those explicitly following Marvel's The Inhumans however, the ABC television series has been officially slated to air two back-to-back episodes on September 29 between 8:00pm and 10:00pm EST. Marvel’s Inhumans explores the never-before-told epic adventure of the royal family including Black Bolt, played by Anson Mount, the enigmatic, commanding King of the Inhumans, with a voice so powerful that the slightest whisper can destroy a city. After the Royal Family of Inhumans is splintered by a military coup, they barely escape to Hawaii where they are greeted with surprising interactions with the lush world and humanity around them. Now they must find a way to reunite with each other and return to their home before their way of life is destroyed forever. (Deadline) The announcement comes following a slow spate of updates for the latest succession Marvel's thir…

More Ghoul Action And Suspense In Two New Promos For TOKYO GHOUL

Hagiwara Kentaro's latest IP adaptation, Tokyo Ghoul, is still on deck for a Japan release on July 29. With its Anime Expo premiere pending it's worthwhile to consider the prospects of a U.S. release anyday now and one that would be even more so for fans of the hit manga and subsequent anime.
Actor Kubota Masataka leads the cast of the film which tells of an ordinary college student who befalls the ills of a near-death transformation to a half-human "ghoul", stumbling into a hidden world of other monsters where epic battles await. Rounding out the cast are Shimizu Fumika, Aoi Yu, Suzuki Nobuyuki and Oizumi Yo.
Check out the new minute-long and 30-second promo from Shochiku.

PARADOX Gets An August Hong Kong Release

There's nothing new in the latest trailer for Wilson Yip's upcoming crime thriller, Paradox, although save for a release date in Hong Kong now stamped for August 25. You get Louis Koo, Tony Jaa, Wu Yue and Chris Collins among the roster along with action director Sammo Hung on board designating all available means of screenfighting brutality surrounding a story that poses more than meets the eye. Hong Kong cop Lee (Louis Koo) goes on a search in Thailand for his missing daughter Chi (Hanna Chan). Thai Chinese police officer Chui Kit (Wu Yue) lets Lee join the investigation, having no idea that Lee is going to use the mass media to hunt for clues.A short clip which accidentally filmed Chi's capture is uploaded to the police website, but subsequently deleted. Chui Kit and colleague Tak (Tony Jaa) tracks down the clip owner, but the evidence is destroyed before they can stop it. The duo begins tracking down the culprit. As they get closer to the truth, they realize that the c…

THE FOREIGNER: Jackie Chan Menaces With A Vengeance In The First Official Trailer

Taking a rare pivot from the usual family-friendly tone of a Jackie Chan film, the mood can be both seen and felt in the official teaser trailer for upcoming action thriller, The Foreigner. Casino Royale helmer Martin Campbell is certainly tapping into the dark and gritty millieu here, and it's an appropriate fit for a brooding revenge film that has the honorary Oscar-winning action star leading the cast.
The Foreigner takes its cues from Stephen Leather's 1992 novel and with none other than Chan starring as a London restaurant owner who reverts to his former skillset accrued in his dark past when the justice system fails him in an IRA terrorist attack that kills his daughter. Chan stars opposite Pierce Brosnan in their first appearance together on screen with Liu Tao and Katie Leung also starring.
The Foreigner will release throughout Asia in September with a U.S. release in tow the following October. Watch the new trailer below!

AJIN: DEMI HUMAN: Death, Life And Epic Creature Battles Are A Repeat Process In The First Official Trailer For The Live-Action Adaptation

It's understandable that one forgets things. Amid all the film festival hype I damn near forgot that a live-action adaptation of Sakurai Gamon's hit manga, Ajin: Demi Human was on the way which makes me wonder how come it's not heading to festivals this year, unless I'm wrong.
If not, I reckon part of this is due to the amount of work being put into the spectacular action sequences and immersive visuals with Bayside Shakedown film series and Shaolin Girl helmer Motohiro Katsuyuki at the helm. There wasn't a lot of footage in the previous teaser to showcase it much but there was just enough to garner some much-deserved interest and as of Sunday, to say the least, the official trailer guarantees the promise being offered here in a much more assuring fashion.
The film opens in Japan on September 30 and much to the delight of fans of both the manga, the anime series and films, as well as Rurouni Kenshin star Satoh Takeru. He leads the cast of the film as Nagai Kei, a …

20th Century Fox's APES Triple Feature Launches Ticket Sales

While some may be pining for what lies ahead with Matt Reeves's involvement in the future of Batman, the director's current run with Twentieth Century Fox's latest July 14 release, War For The Planet Of The Apes. The studio is now priming tickets for a triple feature launching on July 12 in exclusive RealD 3D presentation that spans all three films: Rupert Wyatt's 2011 action adventure, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, and Reeves's Dawn (2014) and War installments.
Motion capture pioneering actor Andy Serkis is central to the trilogy as Caesar, the subject of an experiment gone haywire initially meant as a cure for Alzheimer's disease that has spawned legions of apes becoming self-aware and declaring their own liberation and independence from humans, ensuing in an all-out war to determine the longevity of either species. Comprising the human cast of the trilogy are James Franco, Frieda Pinto and David Oyelowo starred in the first film with James Clarke, Gary Oldm…

DARKLAND: Dar Salim Wreaks Vigilante Vengenace In The Latest Trailer For The Danish Thriller

With only his second narrative feature, Danish writer/director Fenar Ahmad struck success in the festival circuit between now and late last year for his hit film, Darkland. StudioCanal UK now has it own stake in the film with a date pending and for this, an official trailer arrived earlier this month for what may well precede a late summer/early Fall release.
Zaid is a successful surgeon and lives in a fancy apartment with his pregnant girlfriend. One night Zaid’s younger brother, Yasin, knocks on his door and asks his brother for money. Zaid refuses. A few days later Yasin gets assaulted and killed. Since the police are not very helpful, Zaid feels forced to find out who did it himself and embarks on a mission to eliminate all the criminal gangs in Copenhagen. He disguises himself and takes on the criminal underworld. But Zaid’s persistent battle results in serious consequences for himself and his family, and he has to decide if the price of revenge is worth it all.Darkland hails fro…