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Review: BEYOND SKYLINE Is The Sequel Sci-Fi Fandom Needs

The Greg and Colin Strause-directed, independent 2010 critical sci-fi flop, Skyline, left a huge enough dent in box office earnings to warrant some wiggle room for a sequel. Enter Liam O'Donnell, having worked his way up from VFX work on several projects, as well as co-scripting and producing the first film and now sets his sights with a sequel as his directorial debut in Beyond Skyline - a film that by some accounts probably wasn't expected to happen or even supposed to. It had been four years since the first film and so no one would see an announcement up until 2014, surprising everyone curious and keen, and not for nothing either.
The added touch of throwing in people like Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian would certainly pepper the hype up to a certain degree for fans fond of their work on Merantau, The Raid and it's sequel; The mere thought of seeing the two for nothing short of an eyeblink in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be enough to ensue an outcry a year l…

STRIKE BACK Calls For Payback In The First Official Series Trailer

Hit Cinemax series Strike Back is making a stellar return amid a slate of fresh new serial content for the network in 2018. A new cast sets things in order for the rebooted show which has already begun airing in the U.K. at Sky One and will succeed its rollout for North America on February 2.
Disavowed and disbanded, the Section program is restored in order to track down a notorious terrorist following a brutal prison break. Tasked with covert military intelligence and high-risk operations, the resurrected unit embarks on a lethal manhunt that will uncover a vast web of interconnected criminal activity. As the team journeys across the Middle East and Europe, they uncover a deadly conspiracy that threatens to overwhelm them all and change the face of modern warfare forever.
Headlining are actors Warren Brown and Daniel MacPherson, and actresses Roxanne McKee and Alin Sumarwata with Nina Sosanya, Katherine Kelly and Trevor Eve also starring. The first official teaser arrived back in Sep…

Vincent Zhao-Starring INVISIBLE TATTOO Inks A Stimulating Action Teaser

Much was ado earlier this season for actor and martial artist Vincent Zhao whose latest with director and co-star Lu Yitong now spawns the retitled period pic, Invisible Tattoo. The project is a 1935-set actioner that takes place in a southwestern salt industry town and there's no doubt that some thrilling martial arts action will ensue per recent stills and an official teaser now online.
Xu Dongdong, Li Mincheng, Sang Ping, Sawada Ken, Juliet Gama and Wang Shengdi also star along with none other than actor and freerunning stunt extraordinare David Belle in his latest stint in China since last year's Super Express. That's all there is to document for now about this movie while the teaser itself is ripe and yours to watch and rewatch to your heart's desire. Peep it.

KILL OR BE KILLED: 'John Wick' Team To Tackle Image Comics Adaptation

Stunt veteran and second unit director-turned filmmaker Chad Stahelski has his plate full going into 2018. With John Wick: Chapter Three currently in pre-production and a reboot of sword-swinging immortal saga, Highlander, still cooking under the pen, Stahelski is reportedly attached to another project as of this week with word from The Hollywood Reporter on Ed Brubaker's Sean Phillips-inked 2017 Image Comics publication, Kill Or Be Killed.
The project tells of a depressed college student who attempts suicide. He survives due to unlikely events but is soon visited by a demon who explains that he was the one who spared the student's life. But there's a price to be paid: Going forward, the young man will be allowed to live one month for every person he kills. Stahelski is reteaming with John Wick franchise producer Basil Iwanyk who will produce Kill Or Be Killed with Erica Lee at Thunder Road along with mother! producer Jeff Waxman from a script by Kin scribe Dan Casey. Brub…

FIVE-A-DAY ROUND-UP X: Showdown In Manila, Savage Attack, Maximum Impact, Escape Plan: Hades, Escape Plan: Devil's Station

There's no way we're not including five more beefed up reasons to look out for more action titles to come in 2018. Here's the latest Five-A-Day round-up!...

Keep in mind what lies ahead from multifaceted actor and producer Alexander Nevsky who made a steady and feasible effort in the past year with Black Rose. His biggest project thusfar, Mark Dacascos's Showdown In Manila aims to top it having already been a reported hit in Russia and now stakes a U.S. release from ITN with Nevsky and actor Casper Van Dien who summon a team of badasses to tackle a terrorist organization upon uncovering a murder. January 19 is the limited theaters date followed by a Digital and VoD rollout on January 26.

Romeo Must Die and Cradle 2 The Grave helmer Andrzej Bartkowiak's new film, Maximum Impact, is still a bit of an anomaly. The project doesn't yet have a trailer but it is completed and has since garnered screenings at the American Film Market back in November with none other tha…

48 HRS: 'Good Time' Helmers To Remake Walter Hill's Action Comedy Classic

In a move that surprises probably no one, a major Hollywood studio is officially on the verge of another remake of a cinematic class. Enter 48 Hrs, directed by Walter Hill and released in 1982 as an inaugural entry into the era of buddy cop movies of its time starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte.
The film was an action comedy hit that centered on a reluctant partnership between a San Francisco detective in search of two cop killers, and his only lead: a former criminal associate doing time following a botched heist of half-a-million dollars from a drug dealer stashed in his own car. A sequel followed in 1990 and as it stands, the original film is now on par for a remake at Paramount Players from Ben and Josh Safdie, the award-winning film duo behind the riveting Palme d'Or-nominated crime pic, Good Time.
As The Hollywood Reporter writes, Josh Safie will handle directing duties and will co-write with Good Time co-scribe, Ronald Bronstein, who co-wrote Good Time along with comedian…

Jin Yong's LEGEND OF THE CONDOR HEROES Lands English-Translated U.S. & U.K. Novel Releases

It's likely that we'll learn in maybe a year or so what will become of Tsui Hark's recently reported move on upcoming wuxia adaptation, Return Of The Condor Heroes. Assuredly it will further appeal to fans per the popularity phenomenon of wuxia movies in Western markets and 'Condors' author, Louis Cha (a.k.a. Jin Yong) isn't stopping there.
In fact, booklovers out in European and North American territory can look forward to an English translation of Yong's first book, The Legend Of The Condor Heroes, in 2018 according to China Mosaic. The original novel was published in 1957 as the first of a trilogy that led to an expansion into comic books as well as various television adaptations to date, including Shanghai Media Group's Dragon TV earlier this year.
Guo Jing is the main character of the story. In his early life, he travelled around to learn various martial arts with the aim to get revenge on the enemy who killed his father. Yet, after being involved…

VIVA LA MADNESS: Jason Statham's 'Layer Cake' Series Succession Films Next Year In The U.K. For Netflix And Sky

It's been a few years since any news was made pertaining to action star and actor Jason Statham's upcoming television series, Viva La Madness. Fast forward to 2017 and it now appears the show is months away from rolling cameras in the U.K. as one of several programs either in production or in development with streaming giant, Netflix.

According to KFTV, the new ten-episode series will be connected to Matthew Vaughn's 2004 adaptation of J.J. Connolly's Layer Cake starring Daniel Craig, only not in sequel succession; Daniel Craig starred in the film about a nameless drug dealer's exit from the field hampered by Neo-Nazis in search of missing Ecstasy and a wealthy socialite's missing daughter. Statham will take the reigns this time around as our anonymous hero whose short-lived retirement in the Caribbean lands him back in the throes of the criminal underworld, ultimately landing amidst a turf war between crime syndicates and international assassins.

Netflix and …

798MUOI: Gangsters, Hammer Girls And Kung Fu In The Latest Teaser Trailer For Dustin Nguyen's Action Comedy

Folks in Vietnam looking forward to start the new year off at the movies can look forward to bustling action comedy, 798Muoi. It's another jab at the feature film fray from Once Upon A Time In Vietnam star and director, actor and martial artist Dustin Nguyen who gets in some of his fighting chops once again in time for the Tet holiday in February.
Storywise, I can't find anything decipherable in English while thankfully, we have a trailer subtitled accordingly to accomodate the wider masses curious to see what this film entails. The rest of the footage itself pretty much does the trick in inviting its attributed niche to a hilarious road adventure keen on bringing martial arts comedy to the masses.
Take a look below!

SPARRING Goes For The Rebound In The Newest Trailer For Samuel Jouy's Boxing Drama

A notable actor with dozens of credits in his wake, Samuel Jouy is taking a backseat and behind the lens no less with his directing debut, Sparring. Matthieu Kassovitz headlines the film which has since garnered positive lip service following festivals screenings Switzerland and Japan this year and will now make its case in front of French audiences with a January release from EuropaCorp. Boxer Steve Landry (Mathieu Kassovitz) has lost more fights than he’s ever won. But he’s never given up on his career. Now over 40, he’s pretty much washed-up in the ring. His one last chance to dazzle his wife and kid is to become boxing great Tarek M’Barek’s sparring partner. But constantly refusing to hang up his gloves, he risks losing everything.  Kassovitz himself also earned recognition at Locarno with The Excellence Award Moët & Chandon, something worth mentioning as a nice little bookend in lieu of his latest celebrated performance. Also starring are Olivia Merilahti, Souleymane M'Ba…

FIVE-A-DAY ROUND-UP IX: Jun, A Prayer Before Dawn, The Haymaker, The Siege, Strega

Robert Samuels (HKSA) made his recent premiere at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo in New York City with the new movie, Jun. Thus, details for a wider release remain pending for the new thriller which centers on characters each with a task to perform in the wake of a young clone's escape from a mysterious facility. Cheyenne Tang leads a cast that includes Teniece Divya Johnson, David Chen, John DeBlasio, Kage Yami, Patrick Logan Pace, Eric Moran and David Lavallee Jr. with Tresa Man, Stephanie Pham and Angela Jordan also starring.

Currently completed following its extensive development and production is what lies ahead for actor and producer Paul Allica's latest brainchild, The Siege. A feature-length rework of Robin Hood folklore, the project is well on deck for some results to reveal in 2018 from artistic director Stu Stanton, and action director and Jackie Chan stunt veteran Paul Andreovski. Feel free to check out my previous interview with Allica and stay tuned.