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Review: GEOSTORM - Facepalmingly Stupid And Wildly Entertaining

Do you remember the late 90s? Of course you do. It was a magical time when the idea of an all-out nuclear war with North Korea started via Twitter was the kind of stupid idea that would get a screenwriter kicked out of a pitch meeting. Back then, movies about impending global annihilated could be made with blissful ignorance; completely unaware of how prescient they actually were. First time writer/director Dean Devlin (producer of Universal Soldier, Stargate, and Independence Day) remembers those days fondly and has gifted to us a film that is facepalmingly stupid yet wildly entertaining if you approach it with the proper mindset.
In the near future (next year actually), global warming gives birth to violently out of control weather events that leave a death-toll in the millions worldwide. With the future of the entire planet in the balance, a coalition of 18 nations band together to create a weather control system nicknamed “Dutch Boy”. This system of satellites is controlled…

Fumihiko Sori's FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST To Close Anime NYC 2017!

The time is nearly upon those who plan on attending Anime NYC's inaugural three-day spectacle kicking off on November 17 at the Javits Center in New York City. Closing out the event is an early premiere of Fumihiko Sori's new film, Fullmetal Alchemist, which will mark the film's debut U.S. screening ahead of its general theatrical release in Japan on December 1.
The film takes off from the pages of Arakawa Hiromu's longstanding manga set in a time where alchemy, one of the world's most advanced sciences, also bares its share of controversy. Such is the case of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, ill-fated in an attempt to revive their deceased mother and forced to suffer a terrible sacrifice before setting out on a turbulent quest for a mythological Philosopher Stone to restore alchemical balance to the world.
Ryosuke Yamada (Edward Elric), Tsubasa Honda (Winry Rockbell), Dean Fujioka (Roy Mustang), and Yasuko Matsuyuki (Lust) lead the headlining cast for the…

Action Adventure Anime, RWBY, Returns With More Mystery And Conspiracy In Volume 5: Episode 1

Longstanding animated series, RWBY continues its strong run this month with the first episode of its fifth season already live online courtesy of Rooster Teeth. Co-scribe Kerry Shawcross is back at the helm since taking the mantle for the show's third volume stemming from creator, the late Monty Oum (Red vs. Blue) who launched the project in 2013.
The show takes you on an epic journey set in Remnant, a world where "Dust" is the most prized and traded commodity among consumers from varying species. With dark forces looming, each kingdom is home to a school that trains Huntsmen and Huntresses, as among which we meet four young women inaugurated at Beacon Academy through training, competition and coming-of-age friendship.
The rise of evil beasts called Grimm soon pivot our tale with tragic results, ensuing a harrowing journey in which our four heroines are seperated in the fourth season as they must prepare for their most dangerous battle yet. Their enemy: A dark, mysteri…

FORGOTTEN: Catch The Latest Trailer For Jang Hang-Jun's South Korean Kidnap Thriller

Writer and director Jang Hang-Jun is returning to the limelight with the new mystery thriller, the aptly titled Forgotten. Jang also co-wrote Kim Seong-Hun's 2014 hit crime thriller, A Hard Day, one that I inexplicably kept putting off but nowadays can't seem to recommend enough.

Actors Kang Ha-Neul (Empire Of Lust) and Kim Moo-Yul (Warriors Of The Dawn) lead the intrigue and suspense for a tale of two brothers - the youngest whose suspicion is raised when the eldest starts to exhibit lacking memory after re-emerging from a 19-day disappearance. Moon Sung-Geun (Sea Fog) and actress Na Young-Hee (Horror Stories) also star for the film's forthcoming release next month with a date pending.

Check out the latest trailer.

THE BALLAD OF LEFTY BROWN Ensues An Old Underdog's Vengeance In The Official Trailer

Following its rousing presentation at SXSW earlier this year, acclaimed director Jared Moshe's sophomore offering, The Ballad Of Lefty Brown, was aptly snatched by A24. A DirecTV release will lead off the film's On-Demand rollout next month before hitting theaters on December 15 and the film saw its first official trailer come out this week. When cowboy Lefty Brown (Bill Pullman) witnesses the murder of his longtime partner — the newly-elected Senator Edward Johnson (Peter Fonda) — he strikes out to find the killers and avenge his friend's gruesome death. Tracking the outlaws across the vast and desolate Montana plains, Lefty recruits a young gunslinger, Jeremiah (Diego Josef), and an old friend, a hard-drinking U.S. Marshall (Tommy Flanagan), to help deliver the men to justice.After a gunfight with the outlaws leaves Jeremiah wounded, Lefty returns home with the names of Johnson's killers only to find that he is being accused of his friend's murder. With the table…

THE JADE PENDANT: Love In A Time Of Servitude And War In The Latest Trailer

Veteran director Po Chih-Leong (Hong Kong 1941, The Detonator) has arrived back in the press this season since circulating his latest Western period drama, The Jade Pendant. Crimson Forest Films nabbed the rights back in May and are now following up on its earlier teaser with an official trailer host to a cast that features actress Clara Lee, and actors Godfrey Gao and Tzi Ma. Fleeing an arranged marriage in China, the independent Peony (Clara Lee) signs a contract to work as a “flower girl” in America, where she meets Tom (Godfrey Gao), an American Born Chinese cook whose father works on the Transcontinental Railroad. Thwarted by a Hong Kong Triad boss (Tzi Ma) seeking to extend his power into America, theirs is the tale of the first great Chinese immigration to the United States – a story of romance, bigotry, passion, food and a search for everlasting love – set against the largest mass lynching in American history, in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, in 1871. Rounding out the cast are Russe…

TATOO: Filming Underway With Vincent Zhao And David Belle

Much has been ado over the past few weeks with developments pertaining to the action pic, Tattoo. Leading the way is actor Vincent Zhao (God Of War) fresh from the set of a pair of upcoming projects, one of which saw him reprising the role of Wong Fei Hung among a folkloric ensemble cast for director Jeff Lau's Kung Fu Big League.

Yu Bo is producing with director Lu Yitong at the helm. Plot details aren't very clear but we do know the story is set in 1935 with Zhao tackling a role describe as "righteous and devious"; He plays a tattoo artist branded with his own birth year of 1900, who stands at the crux of a plot that centers on a series of legendary stories connected by mysterious tattoos serving as clues for something much greater.
The news at MTime from several days ago also reportedly hints at an action adventure with exciting stunt sequences, comedy, and touching stories of family. Tattoo has since taken off with principal photography as of October 17 with act…

BALI: BEATS OF PARADISE Lends An Eye To Rhythmic Cultural Wonder In The Newest Teaser For The New Documentary

A few weekends ago I had the distinct pleasure of meeting journeywoman filmmaker Livi Zheng as she and a close associate made a stop in New York City. During our conversation we spoke about some of her current activity and it was much ado with her latest role as a spokesperson at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the World Bank Group and the IMF Global Media Gathering in Washington D.C. several days prior.
It was at these events the flegeling helmer hosted the latest teaser for her new documentary, Bali: Beats Of Paradise, themed centrally around Gamelan, a traditional style of Indonesian music which has also been used in James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster hit, Avatar. The film marks the latest follow up for Zheng who debuted in 2015 with a starring and directing role with actor and martial artist Ken Zheng in Brush With Danger, and will reteam with the one and only Yayan Ruhian in the coming months for the continued production of their next narrative thriller, Insight. During filming Livi …

Trailer: Period Sword Drama THE AGE OF BLOOD Wields With Action And Intrigue

It looks as if television director Kim Hong-Sun (Voice, Black, Liar Game) has moved up into narrative feature territory these days. Signaling this is the first trailer for the new sword drama, The Age Of Blood, which lunges into Korean cinemas on November 23 courtesy of MLine.
The day of revolting has dawned.

KIM Ho, the best swordsman in Joseon and the King’s guard, one day is being demoted to a prison and receives the order to keep the prisoners. At midnight, when he falls asleep, a riot happens and suddenly 5 armed men appear in front of Ho. They are coming for LEE In-jua, who has imprisoned on a charge of planning conspiracy, to keep him out of jail. LEE In-jua and 5 martial masters are planning to subvert the country again. Now Ho must fight with this pitiless gang not only to keep his duty but his family.
Jung Hae-in, Kim Ji-hoon and Hong Soo-ah are just several of the names leading the cast among those you can spot in the four posters just beneath the trailer. Enjoy!

Western Drama, WOMAN WALKS AHEAD, Goes To A24 And DIRECTV For 2018 Release

A24 and DIRECTV have acquired U.S. rights to the western drama, Woman Walks Ahead. The film made a strong showing for its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival hailing from Our Kind Of Traitor helmer Susanna White.
Jessica Chastain (upcoming Painkiller Jane) leads the film from a script by Stephen Knight (Locke, Eastern Promises, Dirty Pretty Things) which takes its cues from true events. Catherine Weldon (Chastain) is a widowed artist from New York in the 1880s, who travelled to North Dakota to paint a portrait of Chief Sitting Bull. After some initial tension, the two strike up an improbable but deeply committed friendship, joining forces to take on the U.S. government in a pivotal battle for Native American land rights. The movie features great classical storytelling but also a completely revisionist portrait of the American West, unfolding a unique and compelling story through the eyes of an unflappable, singularly determined female protagonist and a three dimensi…